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This Girl’s Target Birthday Party Is Going Viral on Twitter

The title of Happiest Place on Earth technically belongs to Disneyland, but I’d argue Target is a close runner-up. I’m inclined to believe that 8-year-old Brayden Lawrence would agree with me, since she recently chose to have her birthday party at the store’s Camp Creek Marketplace location in Atlanta. That’s right, she didn’t just have a Target-themed party, she had her party at Target. Brayden and her friends actually went viral after her aunt, Rikki Jackson, posted photos of the cute celebration to Twitter. People can’t get enough of Brayden’s love for Target.

“Everyone was so happy and just in awe that she chose Target as her destination.”

Rikki told POPSUGAR that Brayden’s Target obsession runs deep. She’ll “ask to go to Target just to walk up and down the aisles.” Same, girl. Same. After Brayden made her birthday party requests clear, her mom went straight to the store’s management. Albert, the store’s manager, was so happy to hear about Brayden and her pals, he made the girls personalized name tags, which looked great with the kids’ walkie-talkies and store uniforms.

Brayden’s crew got to stock the store shelves during their scavenger hunt, as they found items around the store and returned them to their proper place. Then, they each used their own gift card to buy an item, with Brayden as their cashier — with Albert’s help, of course. “Other shoppers were in shock,” Rikki said. “Once we explained, everyone was so happy and just in awe that she chose Target as her destination.” Brayden must’ve been pretty professional, because regular Target customers tried to jump into her line. Sorry, guys, she’s a very exclusive employee! See more photos of Brayden’s Target party ahead.


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