This Honey Kills Bacteria And Experts Confirm This!

When raw, the honey is amazing and is more than just sweet food, it can be a cure too. Experts have found the honey type to kill every bacteria, especially some bad ones.

These results were published in the European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases and this info is useful when we think of antibiotics for bacteria, especially the superbug.

This is the Manuka honey, or jelly bush honey and is made in New Zealand. It is the rage we all talk about and is organic and healthy. So the Zealand producers want this patented as trademark, just as the Scottish have whiskey and French have champagne. After this, it is logical that all the benefits of this honey are kept secretive.


This honey is made of bees feeding on leptospermum scoparium nectar, the Australian manuka bush and also the tea trees in that area.

The Australian reports that this honey can kill every bacteria known and this was even tested. Eat this or use it topically for skin issues, bug bites, cuts and more.

The best part here is that you also get better immunity, better than with antibiotics.

Such meds have short shelf lives and attack bacteria fast, thus you become resistant, said dr. Dee Carter, University of Sydney Molecular and Microbial Biosciences. A lot of medical companies rejected antibiotics making due to problems with the recover costs. But, good alternatives CAN save lives.

Certer also added that manuka is good in killing bacteria since it contains methylglyoxal and causes amazing processes inside us.


This honey can be found in every health store and also online, but supplies are limited and fake honey of this kind can be sold too. So, get the UMF certified honey. This is Unique Manuka Factor, a phytochemical benefit from the manuka bush. Or get it at

On Amazon, there is a Comvita brand with UMF label and also can erase the MRSA.

A friend of ours explored a lot and when he found out he had the MRSA, I found it out about me too. This was said by the user JoshuaOne9. Luckily, he did more research and knew he needed this honey. When he saw a red bump like a bug bite, it was all clear. He scratched it and the other day this turned out to be something more serious than a bug bite. We got the manuka honey and put this on the skin with bandage. After a few days, this bump was gone.

More studies have to be made on this honey, but for sure the manuka is amazing and healthy.


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