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Vintage Soda Crate Planter

I’ve been scouring the antique shops for the better part of a year looking for a vintage soda pop crate. I wanted one that was in decent condition and wasn’t wildly expensive. I’ve seen many crates over the months but none of them seemed to be “the one.” Well, last week lady luck shined down on me and I discovered the perfect soda crate (that was meant to join our family).

To be honest, it’s just an old piece of wood but for some reason I’m unusually excited about this acquisition.Vintage Soda Crate Planter

It was originally a crate for Coca-Cola and the inside was divided into sections to separate the pop bottles. Some of the wood pieces had been removed to create a few bigger areas. (I wonder what the previous owner used it for.)Vintage Soda Crate Planter

So my dream of having my own vintage soda pop crate was to fill the individual sections with succulents. (Yes, some dream of money, power, love or fame. Apparently, I dream of plants.) I bought the mini pots from Home Depot. Last year, the succulent selection was pretty sparse but since they are so trendy right now, the store ended up having a wonderful selection.

After my succulent gathering was complete, I headed off to Hobby Lobby and happily discovered that all their floral stems were 50% off. I picked up four “faux” succulent stems and mixed them in with the real plants. Because I’m not a horticulturist, I think they blend in nicely. (What do you think?)Vintage Soda Crate Planter

I can’t tell you how much I’m loving my new vintage soda pop crate and succulent combo. (It’s even better than lip gloss!)

And for you concerned souls, I did forgive the girl for taking my birthday gift. She was actually my school friend, (I use that term loosely, apparently) and we continued being friendly after the incident. Neither of us brought it up again. I was bummed though since the lip gloss was one of three gifts I received that year. (The other two were a little purse and a box of granola bars.)

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Vintage Soda Crate Planter

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