Warm Water Vs Cold Water: Which One is Better for Your Health?

Which do you prefer to drink right after waking up in the morning? A hot cup of coffee or an iced tea? Whichever you like, you have to know when to consume drinks based on their temperature. Whether it’s warm or cold, they both have health benefits when taken at the right time.

According to many recent studies, drinking warm water before breakfast can significantly improve your health. You are going to achieve the following health benefits:

Eliminates the pain
By drinking a cup of warm water every morning you will be able to get rid of throat swelling. Besides that, this promotes pain relief. You will be able to soothe the irritation or the dryness in your throat.

If you wake up with a dry throat and you cannot swallow, we recommend you to drink a cup of warm water. This also helps in soothing belly cramps.

Improves digestion and aids achalasia

According to a study from the Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility, warm water helps in achalasia due to its power to relax the muscles of the lower esophagus.

This study also claims that even 58% of the people are struggling with achalasia. Besides that, you will be able to improve the digestion of food by consuming one glass of warm water before taking a meal.

Improves the blood flow
You will be able to improve the blood flow with the regular consumption of warm water. This actually works since the warmth improves the blood cell flow.

Promotes weight loss

Consuming warm water is good for hydration, which is vital for weight loss. According to a study from Journal of natural science, biology and medicine, a group of overweight women were able to reduce their weight and appetite by drinking a glass of warm water every day.

Reasons why cold water is not good for your health…
You probably feel great when you drink a cup of cold water during the hot summer days. However, by doing this, you harm your body and its health.

Reduced hydration and constricted blood vessels can appear as a result of drinking cold water.
Since cold water solidifies the blood fat, the body needs to work harder in order to digest the food.
In order to heat your body, you will use more energy than usual.
You will increase the risk of making excess mucus in the respiratory tract, congestion and throat infections.


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