When Did You Last Clean The Pillows You Are Sleeping On? Here’s How To Do It!!!

All of us change the sheets and pillowcases regularly, but most of us don`t even think about the pillows. Experts say that we should clean the pillows we sleep on at least 3 times a year and the best period for this is spring.

It`s not enough just to change the pillowcases, you also need to clean the pillows. Can you remember the last time you did this? Or have you ever cleaned them at all?

According to Robert Oexman, head of the “Sleep to Live” institute, you should wash the pillows twice a year, besides changing the sheets regularly. If the pillow are machine-washable, put 2 of them inside at once and wash them, this way they won`t get damaged from the high speed of the washing machine drum..

After using them for a while the pillows get yellow, but most of us don`t even notice this since we cover them with clean pillowcases. Before washing them, check the labels on the pillows. First, pour 1 cup of bleaching powder, hot water, 1 cup of the regular washing powder you are using and 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda, then set the machine on the highest temperature allowed. When the process is finished, hit the pillows from every side to squeeze out as much of the moisture as you can. Then, put them outside to dry and use them only when completely dry.


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