Why You Should Stop Contouring Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows contouring become more and more practiced by those who want to highlight their eyes and facial characteristics. Your appearance depends very much on this aspect, even if it doesn’t seem so important.

Many of the women have a complex because their eyebrows don’t look the way they would like, and that’s why they are using different methods to change their look.

The natural beauty of the eyebrows is something that should be taken into account! They can look very well without being contoured. If you want to make a contour, consider the fact that the shade you use must be almost identical with the color of your eyebrows.

The eyebrow pencil that you use, can do more harm than good, especially if you don’t know how to use it correctly and when to stop. If you want to have thick eyebrows like the actress Cara Delevingne, you risk to apply too much color and to look vulgar. You need to keep in mind the shape of your face and the physiognomy in general, because this eyebrow style doesn’t suit anyone.

Another mistake you make is choosing an eyebrow pencil too light or too dark, where the effect is the same: a fake and unnatural look that will affect your beauty. In an attempt to add extra volume to the rare eyebrows, many women use a black pencil. It’s a fatal error, because nobody is born with black carbon eyebrows, not even exotic beauties.

If the idea of eyebrows contouring, still seems to be a good one, then you must know that your eyebrows can look unequal, especially if you don’t contour them properly. It’s a risk that you shouldn’t assume, so give up on the change that could affect your natural look.


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