Why You Shouldn’t Scratch An Insect Bite

Insect bites are so common during summer that we do not even bother to notice them! Whether you are at an open-air barbecue, or just when you go out on the terrace to cool off a bit, mosquitoes have become something unpleasant, but usual!

Most of the time, you just scratch a little and then go over, forgotten by bite and rediscover it when it swells and itches you more than anything in the world! Find out, from the lines below, why insect bites are more dangerous than you think and why you should not scratch them!
Why You Shouldn’t Scratch An Insect Bite:

When an insects inserts its needle under your skin, the insect also releases saliva particles, whose protein components are identified by our body as potentially invasive. Therefore, the immune system reacts instantly, triggering a reaction based on the chemical called histamine, to heal and prevent allergies.

And the itching is caused precisely by the influx of histamine and by the immune system. When you scratch the bite you only worsen the bite, affecting even the inflamed area.
Moreover, by scratching, you will scatter even more saliva particles “generously given” by the insect, which will trigger exactly the adverse effect: and more histamine will jump in your defense, giving you the feeling that, the more you scratch, the more it itches you.
Last but not least, you can damage your skin deposits and you can get infected with bacteria from your hands or around your skin. Due To the high temperatures, the bacteria from your body are nurmous, you are full of dust or sweat, and you do not want to remember you all the places you put your hands on.


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