You Probably Didn`t Know That You`ve Been Pooping The Wrong Way Your Whole Life

This article will explain you why and how you`ve been doing something wrong your whole life.

If you are a western person, it`s very probable that you`ve been pooping the wrong way, because posture is very important here.

Scientists from the Pelvic Floor Clinic at the Stanford University claim that the form of the human body makes it natural to squat while pooping. Sitting is wrong, because it can cause hernia, hemorrhoids, colon cancer, diverticulosis or inflammatory bowel disease, due to the improper strain.

During a study in 2003, researchers divided random volunteers in 3 groups, each of them put in a different position while pooping. The first group was sitting on a lower toilet, the second one was sitting on a higher toilet, and the third group was squatting. The results showed that only the third style was the right potty style.

Check the video below to see how the wrong position affects us, and how to change the pooping style.


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